Social media: helpful or hurtful in a crisis like #Manchester, Drive with @DelaneyMan, @TalkRadio

Thanks to all those who responded on Facebook regarding the story of ‘how problematic is social media for the kind of event that happened in Manchester (at the Ariana Grande concert)’, does it add to the drama, and what is the responsibility of social media companies in all this? Especially interested in this academic paper from Cardiff University¬†in which the following stages of social media response to a crisis appear evident: reporting, requesting, responding/recruiting, risking, Continue Reading →

[MEDIA] Online Gaming and Children with @GuardiansAncora

Guardians of Ancora is a game created by Scripture Union, seeking to have a fun game that appeals to young people, is within a safe environment, and allows learning of faith. It has monthly Bible quests, quizzes, Bible stories and videos. I wrote some content for them last year which is currently appearing in blogs: Choosing Games for Children Setting (Gaming) Boundaries Trending, in Children’s Apps Keeping Safe Online 6: Good Practice Online Keeping Safe Continue Reading →

[MEDIA] iGen: How young people are using social media today with @TWRuk and @MeganLackie

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with Megan Lackie about young people and social media, with content placed after a panel discussion with a couple of ‘younger Christians’ (Dave, Joanna and Arun): Social media is a ‘neutral’ tool can be used well/used badly. That ‘addiction’ word was used again – see previous interview with TWR¬†on there! The notion of ‘quality’ time in face-to-face over online and ‘reality’. The use of social media for Continue Reading →

[SPEAKER] Communication Conference 2017, for @ukvocation

There’s a lot to fit into the day, and I don’t want to overload people, so we’ve framed the day around three areas, each at a fairly ‘think about it level’ – practical sessions need a lot more time/equipment, and most people, once inspired, can then go and do what is needed, using e.g. YouTube videos. I’ll be working with ‘The Religious’ for the day: Day with ‘The Religious’ at Catholic Vocations Communications Conference from Continue Reading →

[SPEAKER] Working with opportunities and risks for Child Sexual Exploitation in a digital age #SAFEOFE

This afternoon I’ve 20 minutes to try and cover this HUGE topic with Open Forum Events on Safeguarding Children: Effective Collaboration for Child Protection and Wellbeing … it’s amazing what you can get through in 20 minutes TBH: Working with opportunities and risks for CSE in a digital age from Bex Lewis