[Media] Discussing PokeMon Go & Churches with @GeekDadGamer for @BBCRadio4Sunday

After blogging about Pokémon Go: An evil for churches and dangerous for children? last week, I was invited to join BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme to discuss the topic with a rather sceptical Edward Stourton (early!) this morning, joined by Andy Robertson from Exeter. Listen to the whole programme:

[GUEST POST for @LSE_RPS] From Pokémon Go to Hashtags: How digital and social media is changing the Church

The recently formed Religion and the Public Sphere research group at London School of Economics seeks to explore the place and role of religion in British public life today. Posts on the blog explore how religion does and doesn’t matter in British public life, and how it should and shouldn’t. “The point is to know religion a bit better, not simply as believers or disbelievers in specific tenets of faith, and not simply as insiders to Continue Reading →

[GUEST POST] Is a digital presence for your church just a ‘nice to have’? for @aliveandonline #ukchurchchat #chsocm

I’ve been promising to write a blog for Churches Alive Online, ever since they first indicated that they would be launching, and yesterday morning I’d already decided that I would write about the kind of information that those searching for new churches would be looking for – I’d sketched out a bit of it, then decided to go and check out a church … which was having a service elsewhere (so apologies to them for Continue Reading →

Pokémon Go: An evil for churches and dangerous for children?

This time last week, Pokémon was entirely not on my radar (too old to have got involved first time around), then gradually material started filtering through on my social media feeds as people around the world were playing it – and I Googled to find out ‘what is it?‘ It is a massively multiplayer mobile game that uses real-world geography and location data as an anchor for its fictional narrative. If that ‘proper’ explanation doesn’t work for Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #40: Dazzling Darkness by @RevRachelMann (Wild Goose Publications, 2012)

So, I’ve known Rachel on Facebook for ages, and think we may have met at GWL, but now we live nearby, hopefully time for another F2F catchup! Picked up Dazzling Darkness by Rachel Mann on Thursday, and decided to read it Friday – drawn in by the intro from Andrew Shanks from Manchester Cathedral What else, indeed, is the basic purpose of God’s primordial kenosis, or self-emptying in the Incarnation, if not to invite a similar response Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #33-39: Harry Potter Series by @jk_rowling

Well, what does one say about the Harry Potter book series, except that I think I started when book 4 or 5 was out, as I was looking for something rewarding to read after my PhD upgrade viva … since then I have re-read them several times, and at the end of the first year at MMU, wanted that relaxing familiarity … and as always, find a few new things! Now it’s time to rewatch Continue Reading →

[CHALLENGE] Clambering up Kinder Scout

So, I used to hike a lot – especially when travelling around New Zealand, and undertaking the Inca Trail. I did a walk a few weeks ago, a so-called ‘easy’ walk, and was speed-walking at the back to keep up… but it’s health and wellbeing week at MMU, and they put on a hike ‘for all abilities’ so I went for that – all of us turned up despite the forecast (which was unfortunately accurate)! Continue Reading →