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Dr Bex Lewis: polymath, communicator, and enthusiastic life explorer

Bex has a background as a cultural communications historian and digital practitioner, with a PhD in Second World War posters, in which she wrote the history of Keep Calm and Carry On (before it was famous). She is a 'digital resident', geographically based at St John's College, Durham University, where she researches discipleship in a digital age for CODEC. As the Director of Digital Fingerprint she runs workshops, most notably 'Social Media for the Scared', and is author of the popular Raising Children in a Digital Age (2014).


Bex is a regular speaker at conferences and events, and frequently runs workshops as Director of Digital Fingerprint


Bex is the author of chapters, articles and blog posts, and most recently the book 'Raising Children in a Digital Age'


Bex has featured extensively in the press, including Steve Wright in the Afternoon and The Telegraph.


Bex's interests include travel, reading, personal development, fitness, charities and films.