Related Projects of Interest

There are many others working on, or have already completed, theses that are also of interest to me as a researcher in this topic, and therefore may also be of interest to others.

  • Boon, T., ‘Film and contestation of public health in interwar Britain ‘, PhD, 1999
  • Chapman, J., ‘Official British Film Propaganda during the Second World War’, PhD, 1995
  • Carruthers, S.L., ‘Propaganda, publicity and political violence: the presentation of terrorism in Britain, 1944-60’, PhD, 1994
  • Davies, S.R., ‘Propaganda and popular opinion in Soviet Russia, 1934-41’, D.Phil, 1994
  • Efstathiadou, A., ‘The Art of Seeing: visual representation of women during WWII in Greece and UK’, PhD, in progress
  • Fisher, S. J. ‘The Blitz and the Bomber Offensive: A Case Study in British Home Propaganda, 1939-45’, PhD, 1993
  • Griange, P., ‘Monochrome Memories: Nostalgia and Style in 1990s America’, PhD, date?
  • Howling, I.R.C. ”Our Soviet Friends’: the presentation of the Soviet Union in the British Media 1941-45′, M.A., 1988
  • Kertesz, M.A. ‘The Enemy – British Images of the German people during the Second World War’, D.Phil, 1992
  • McCarty, E.A. ‘Attitudes to women and domesticity in England, c.1939-1955’, D.Phil, 1994
  • McPherson, E., ‘The impact of the Second World War on local authorities in South Lancashire 1935-45’, PhD, 1995
  • Noakes, L. ‘Gender and British national identity in wartime: a study of the links between gender and national identity in Britain in the Second World War, the Falklands War and the Gulf War.’, D.Phil, 1996
  • Parker, K.L. ‘Women MPs, Feminism and Domestic Policy in the Second World War’, D.Phil, 1994
  • Rennie, P., ‘An investigation into the design, production and display contexts of industrial safety posters produced by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents during WW2’, PhD, 2004
  • Royall, K., ‘Posters of the Second World War: The Fourth Arm of Defence?’, M.A., 1991
  • Ryan, S.F., ‘British perceptions of the meaning of the war: the government, the public and the fate of France: 1939-42’, M.Phil, 1993
  • Sinclair, G., ‘Propaganda and Churchill in the Second World War: the Making of an Icon’, PhD, in progress
  • Spears, L.W., An Enquiry into the use of propaganda on the Home Front during World War Two with special reference to the role and effectiveness of the poster as a means of conveying Government policy MA, 1998
  • Taylor, P.H., ‘The role of local government during the second world war, with special reference to Lancashire.’, PhD, 1992
  • Taylor, P.M., ‘The projection of Britain: British overseas publicity and propaganda, 1914-1939, with particular reference to the work of the news department of the Foreign Office.’, PhD, 1978

Please contact me with your details if you are also working upon a topic of interest, at any level, and wish to be added to the list. Please provide a link to a webpage if you have one, otherwise a synopsis of your project would be good.

See theses completed and in progress for more history theses. If your university is a registered user, you can access abstracts of theses online. Mine was completed in 2004.


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Second World War Posters

Mass Communications Academic, @MMUBS. British Home Front Propaganda posters as researched for a PhD completed 2004. In 1997, unwittingly wrote the first history of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which she now follows with interest.

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