The God who Communicates (David Wilkinson) #medialit

Theology of communication not articulated clearly, but comes out in attitude/actions.

Great exercises

  • Circle “cross the room if”
  • Agree/Disagree on a scale (why)
  • Tableau – still image of ‘football’ and ‘communication’
  • Images of Christians on TV/in TV – what’s the most disturbing?
    • Irrelevant
    • Trying to be hip when not comfortable in that medium
    • 1960s still there
    • American televangelists (what most people see)
    • Lack of passion
    • Trying to manipulate people through emotion.
    • Church leaders out of touch with the culture
    • Lack of depth
    • Are lots of important public faces e.g. Martin Luther-King
    • What is a communicating God about?

Towards a Theology of Communication

  • God is a communicating God “In the beginning was the word”. God is extravagant in communication – he’s not a silent God who has to be tempted into communicating with people.
  • Nature of God as a communicating God = fundamental.
  • God communicates in context – there’s a particularity. Quite often Christians get this wrong, and preach into the wrong context. [The Fast Show]
  • The nature of Jesus comes alive as you’re hearing it in your own language – connecting appropriately in the right context.
  • God speaks within the language – why so much Bible translation.

God Communicates in Word & Deed

  • He doesn’t simply dictate verbal writings – God – the word becomes flesh. The ways he communicates is varied in so many ways.
  • Incarnation is visible and vulnerable.  Visible and not always in control. What is said in the pulpit has to be lived in our actions.

God communicates in self giving love

  • God became flesh in the world – the world that is negative to him.
  • There is a cost to authentic Christian communication. May have to suffer/mocked. God doesn’t come to condemn the world, but to live it. There is a view that we are about an ethical condemnation of the world… We’re safe here, isn’t that terrible over there..
  • Many think God is like this.
  • God comes into the world with all its limitations and works with it.
  • This week – affirmations of what is good within the media. Christian church often hesitant and demonised.

Shannon & Weaver – how communication happens. Sender/receiver model Message, thought about – how does message go from sender to receiver? What channel, what noise is in the channel? Feedback is going on. Have to code the message & decode it. Communication as a power relationship from sender to receiver.

Quentin Schultze – “co-producers of culture”.

God gives us the gift of communication and we’re not just passive receivers.

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Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @ Manchester Metropolitan University. Interested in digital literacy and digital culture  in the third sector (especially faith). Author of ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age’, regularly checks hashtag #DigitalParenting.

4 thoughts on “The God who Communicates (David Wilkinson) #medialit

  1. I am extremely privileged to have met some talented geeks working for God.

    The internet is so vast and uncontrolled and can be a spiritual warfare battleground.

    The responsibility of all Christians is to use it with wisdom and discretion. That can only happen when we submit to God.

    I call one of the original internet coders my friend. It grieves him to watch it being used negatively, but celebrates the fact that he has opened up a medium that can liberate knowledge and access freedom of ideas.

    There are moves to control and tie down the net. Eg. China, Pakistan, and even more threatening the control of domains by those whom place mammon before freedom, under the shroud of protection and control. Remember the God that liberates and offers us freedom of choice is?

    We are at the threshold of the internet only just becoming truly world wide. It preferences those with the luxury to access it, and it is going to explode with gadgets such as the iPads and other mobile devices within financial range.

    Any Christian is going to have to wake up and keep up.
    Churches who do not access this are in dinosaur territory…. ie extinction.

    Even Cathedrals are embracing with Sue Wallace/visions, and Ripon Cathedral’s Pentecost Praise using virtual 3D images from Scripted Scriptures.

    Pray hard, and listen to that small voice that instructs.

    God Bless

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