Blended Learning: One Year In

Yesterday, it was 1 year to the day since I started as Blended Learning Fellow at the University of Winchester, and rather than looking at my rather terrifying “to do” list, I thought I’d celebrate what I have done. My contract was 0.2 (1 day per week), until 2 months ago, where I have 12 months at 0.4!

No wonder I feel tired, but it looks good to see a list in black & white!

What Next?

  • Continue training, talking, promoting, sessions, etc. and plan out my conferences for 2010/11
  • Will be setting up a Wiki on Monday 4th October, in which staff can put forward case studies, tips & tricks, and be honest (internal viewing only), and identify material suitable for the external blog.
  • Asked to be a “Super-Delegate” for JISC Online Conference Innovating e-Learning 2010 (October 2010)
  • Arranged a couple of external speakers to visit the University, and will be running a ‘Drop-In-Day’ (November 2010) to allow people to come and have a go with various tech-tools.
  • Turn ‘Twitter for Communities of Practice‘ into a journal article, with my co-author David Rush
  • Assuming that I’ve passed my ‘Blended Learning’ module on the PGCLTHE, I’ll be teaching it next semester (that’s extra hours though!)
  • Learn to film/produce “OK” videos to demonstrate a number of aspects of Blended Learning
  • Identify appropriate funding streams from e.g. JISC.

Now I just need some time to actually read some of the many papers that I’ve identified would be useful to read.

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