#AdventBookClub: Christmas Day 5



More Than Gifts: 

True ministry goes beyond giving of gifts, it involves giving of the self….

Noted, Observed and Experienced – though there’s always more…

Visit of the Wise Men: Matthew 21:1-2; 9-11

Prayer: Let us leave worries, defeats, failures, doubts, hungers, needs, wants at the manger – enabling us to move forwards unencumbered…

Christmas Action: I am not even sure quite what that means – give gifts symbolising gold, frankincense & myrrh to someone needing help on the journey…

Now what did Pam say, as I struggled a bit with today’s…


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  1. I didn’t get the gift bit either. Couldn’t see how giving people these things fitted with the thought – surely we should’ve been asked to do something for someone?

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