8 Stories About #DigitalParenting 03/12/13

8 Stories About #DigitalParenting 03/12/13

Keeping track of a number of stories relating to ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age‘ in the news:

  • Creating responsible digital citizens: A CURRICULUM to teach children on proper and  responsible technology use must be incorporated into the education system to address social issues in cyberspace as an increasing number of children is spending  time on the Internet.
  • Personalized Book Reader Follows Kids As They Turn The Pages: The Sparkup Magical Book Reader works as an auditory add-on to paper picture books. You attach the device to the back of any book, press the “record” button, and read the story aloud. Once recorded, a child can later attach the device to the book, press the bright “playback” button, and hear your voice reading the story.
  • Study: Innovative game intervention increases at-risk kids’ physical activity levels by 39 per cent: The study took place in northern Ontario communities with some of the highest childhood obesity rates.  Findings confirm the effectiveness of an online game powered by kids’ daily activity, as a motivator to change sedentary behaviour and increase physical activity levels. Participants took an average of 12,312 steps per day during the game play period, representing a daily step increase of 39 per cent.
  • Are we taking too many photos of our kids?: My husband and I have a collection of tens of thousands of digital images. Most of these chronicle the lives of our three children. The first step. The first day of kindergarten. A summer weekend in Tahoe. an Easter egg hunt, actually many egg hunts. Of course, we took more photos of our first child and we’ve been less camera happy with our third, but nonetheless, like most modern-day parents, we have an unwieldy number of image files.

and a video baby monitor, dangers of accessing drugs online, developing an online (safe) children’s reading room, whilst computers are changing what is possible in developing countries.

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