#BIGRead14: Contemplation

#BIGRead14: Contemplation

Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Well, after a day which has been mostly about not working (although setting up online service for tomorrow has taken a tad longer than expected), this poem seems appropriate in a day of ‘waiting’ and ‘silence’, in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday:

I remain in your peace.
I absorb your peace.
I will rise, in due course,
to live your peace.

#Do1NiceThing: Visit a local shop you have not visited before or in a while (support locally!) // I do this a lot 🙂 Ever since I gave up supermarket shopping one Lent, it opened my eyes to what else is out there..

Maggi Dawn

John 19. A day of living in the shadows, a sabbath day, in which the disciples had seen the man they believed to be their leader suffer a punishing death, and appeared to have lost the hope of the future that he promised – they did not yet understand about the resurrection. Sometimes we just have to hold on … until a glimmer of light appears on the horizon.

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