Epilogger from #eFest14

Epilogger from #eFest14

I came across this piece of software at #TDC14. Previous attempts at archiving tweets, etc. from events hadn’t been too successful, so this is great – and the free version does everything I seem to need for most events at the moment (it’s $1,000 – I’m assuming per event, for premium version!). Simply sign in with Facebook/Twitter or email, search for the hashtag your event is using. If no one has set one up, go to ‘Add Event’ and follow the onscreen instructions, deciding whether you want to collect tweets just at the event, a few hours before/after, etc. People can manually add blogs, and there’s a range of other features, including a tweet wall. See the collection from #EFest14 – 100+ people from the North-East with an interest in online learning/learning technology.


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