[RESEARCH REPORT] Connected Kids by @Childwise

[RESEARCH REPORT] Connected Kids by @Childwise

9555463I used some the Childwise data quite extensively in my research for Raising Children in a Digital Age, so keen to read this report once I get a chance:

Our latest Special Report – Connected Kids, highlights the progressions of the last 20 years, using past data to make predictions of how children will interact with technology in the future.

See this news story from March when it was first released, which includes:

…. the report found that traditional social networks like Facebook will continue to decline in popularity, while photo and video-sharing sites like YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat gain traction with young people.

Other findings include that

  • Traditional TV watching has been exchanged for on-demand online watching.
  • The increasing growth of portable devices, and that they are becoming ‘hubs’ for interacting with all other devices.
  • A sense that the ‘internet of things‘ is upon us!

Thanks again Mary Hawes!

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