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Hi, Bex here!

Officially my name is Rebecca, but I have been known as Bex since I was 19 (when my new university friends said that it was too much of a mouthful). I find it more snappy and memorable for conversations and publications (aside from a couple of early publications). I have had a very varied career path so far, and this section of my site details some relevant information.

Education & Employment:
See my educational and employment history.

I completed my training as a life coach in February 2009, and have an Enhanced CRB check for the University of Winchester (2009), with another completed for Winchester Prison (2009), where I was a ‘Prison Teas Volunteer’.

Transferable Skills:
I have gained many transferable skills through my studies:

Further Information:
Links to Career Resources and more information on Personality Testing, including the outcomes of some of my tests. Alongside the interests outlined on this website, I have done a number of things which are particularly big achievements:

Web Skills:
I have worked on a number of websites, details of all can be found on Digital Fingerprint. Two particularly notable websites I have been involved in are The National Archives: The Art of War and, and I have been managing The BIGBible Project since 2010.

Please contact drbexl[at] if you require more information.