Question for @eastcoastuk

I spend a lot of time on the train … so I’ve just downloaded 3 tickets from the Rewards system. It sounds like an easy enough process. I want the following train, and there are 2 first class ticket spaces:


When I then go to the order system, where it says there should be a £0 next to available tickets, I get this for £80, and no £0 tickets… I double checked that it was still showing above…


Am I missing something?

Quick Response from @sainsburys

I had shopped in Sainsbury’s the week before, was given a £10 voucher, so thought I’d go back the following week and do my next lot of shopping (with a few store cupboard items to bring me up to the required £70 spend). I got to the til and was told that the voucher had expired the day before. Too tired to put anything back, I purchased, then tweeted my frustration that no one does their main shop in less than a week (and they must have enough data from my Nectar card to work out I shop for myself only!), and therefore the voucher should have at least 2 weeks on it… The following day I received:

On phoning them, they were very apologetic, and agreed that it was a strange expiry date (although according to the girl on the checkout, all like that). They offered a £5 voucher, but I said, considering the original voucher was for £10, that would be more appropriate… which he agreed to immediately. He gave me a clear idea of when the voucher would be with me, it turned up promptly, and has already been spent! Thanks Sainsbury’s (and they have also said they’ve passed the thoughts onto their marketing team… so we’ll see!)

Good Response from @royalmail

Twitter has added an interesting dimension to the customer service debate… I often tweet without expecting a particular response… This time I received a piece of mail 5 months after it was posted 25 minutes away (the church administrator was confused, as she was sure she’d posted the information before the course, but was very organised, and had a spare copy!), and randomly tweeted. I got an apology re compensation, which I’m not worried about for this, although hopefully my sister-in-law will have the information so we can get hold of my still-missing Christmas Present (which I now know was this book (posted to theirs, and then forwarded), which I’d love to have… loving my slow cooker, now I’m not cooking the same meals over and over!)….

Always Great on Twitter @WinchesterCity

Sarah, who’s behind the @WinchesterCity Twitter account, is always prompt and helpful in responding to Tweets. Last year I tried to report a dangerous path near me, uneven, with at least 2/4 lights not working, to fixmystreet. Because it’s a pedestrian walkway, rather than a road, they couldn’t get a GPS fix, so asked me to let me know the numbers on the posts… well, I can’t see them, as I only use that path in the dark, and it’s dark because half the lights don’t work… I tried to send an email describing which roads it was between, but this was a real case of  ‘the computer says no’. WinchesterCity tried to help… the other week it’s was finally bright when I walked down (I’ll stop getting the bus now, so won’t walk past again)… so I have sent it back into the system…

Prompt Service from @DuoBoots

As I clear out around 5 years of emails, I’m coming across some correspondence and thought I’d do those blog posts I keep promising, when customer service strikes me as particularly good/bad. Duo Boots was very prompt. I saved up for 6 months for a pair of their boots (designed for all calf widths), chose them on a visit to Manchester, then on first putting them on, the zip pull came off in my hand.

I received a very quick response to my email last August (in which I enclosed photos), and despite my desire to send the boots back, was told the quickest thing would be to follow the video attached … which was entirely true (despite my fear of all things “too mechanical”), and they’ve remained fixed…

Very easy/pleasant experience, incredibly polite email, and options given within the email for if this didn’t fix the problem!!