Off to the @EdFringe for the day…

GOZCwpmkI’ve always wanted to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and just before I move away from being such a short train journey away, and whilst I had a free train ticket to use … despite being mid-packing & moving – what a lovely day out to look forward to, hey?

I had the longest list of ‘Favourites’, but for tomorrow have ended up with:

Shame to miss Harry Baker, who was fab at #medialit15 – check his act out if you have a chance!

Plus meeting a friend for a chat, hopefully … and seeing some random odds & ends. Expecting to enjoy it, so in future might go for longer?!

[ENDORSEMENT] “Don’t Beat Yourself Up” by @TarnBright

tarn-bookThanks to Tarn (who I met at Spring Harvest in 2014) for writing this book, and inviting endorsement. The book’s out in August. I wrote:

Within the church, there are a number of topics that are often avoided, and a tendency not to admit that we are humans living imperfect lives, and struggling with difficult times. No one could accuse Tarn of this in this book, which mixes humour, insights, gentle challenges and a sense of support and encouragement as we learn from Tarn’s journey, and other voices that she has drawn upon! No one should finish reading this book feeling chastised, but rather have learnt to practice ‘kindsight’: an ability to learn to be kind to ourselves (and others) in our past, present and future. Tarn is an engaging public speaker, and this translates well into this book. Anyone who can get the phrase ‘codswallop’ naturally into a book, and recommends that “it is better to eat a Mars Bar with good friends, than to eat Broccoli alone” gets my vote!

Dr Bex Lewis, Director, Digital Fingerprint

Purchase the book.

[AUDIO] Podcast with @AP_Mort on Imposter Syndrome


“Impostor/Imposter Syndrome is the feeling that you’re a fraud, and that any day now you’ll be exposed. You might think that everyone else knows what they’re doing, that you are punching above your weight somewhere you don’t belong.”

Read the blog from Andy Mort and listen to the podcast… and note that it’s not specific to ‘introverts’ – see some of the other posts I’ve collected on this idea as I’ve learnt to acknowledge it’s existence, and move forward anyway – essentially Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – a book I’ve found incredibly helpful over the years!

#TDC15: 7679 Total Tweets (So Far)


I quite enjoyed finding epilogger a couple of years ago, neat (free) way to collect tweets into one place (sure the paid version has all kinds of exciting features!) … so here’s the tweets from Thinking Digital: a conference for those curious about how technology is shaping our future (so far 8 years Newcastle based, but with an event coming in Manchester in November).


A weekend away with @Activateyrlife


Last year I was asked if I would speak at the Activate Your Life weekend. I wasn’t able to last year, but this year, I accepted, and gave a talk on ‘Everyday, Ordinary Women – Online‘… and had some fun with the photo booth:


Staying at the De Vere, once I’d finished my conversation with the regional police about engaging with youth re internet safety, I took advantage of the comfy bed for a nap. This was much of the theme of the weekend, and aside from the fabulous food, enjoyable company, I really enjoyed the lack of pressure to partake in all the sessions/seminars, whilst the grounds and the swimming pool were available for use… I may just have had a few more naps!

The keynote sessions were all well attended, and thought provoking – I do believe every speaker referred to Imposter Syndrome at some point, and my session had an engaged audience, with good questions and feedback afterwards! I enjoyed myself – look out for next year’s weekend away on the website.

See tweets from the weekend (yes, many of them are mine – it’s how I take notes!)

Today is all about #NoDietDay and #JeSuisEd


I’ve just finished up my frozen (keeps for up to 2 months) portion of the BBC’s Sausage and Butterbean Casserole. Very cost-effective and easy to make – I’m not a fan of parsley, so substituted some cheese (whatever needed using up does, and I tend towards strong flavour cheeses anyway)…. #delicious. Spot which of Beyond Chocolate’s 10 Good Reasons to Stop Dieting I’m enjoying today on #nodietday, an international day designed to celebrate body shape diversity and healthy lifestyles, and to raise awareness around dangerous and irresponsible diets…

1. You’ll stop putting weight on

2. You will save LOADS of money

3. You will stop stressing about food and what you eat

4. You will stop binge eating, emotional eating, comfort eating, pigging out, treating yourself, overdoing it, eating all the time…

5. You will meet some awesome women and be able to talk about what it’s REALLY like with people who know what’s it’s like because they’ve been there

6. You could become an expert at…whatever tickles your fancy

7. You will feel about a hundred million times better about your body

8. You get to eat proper food, that tastes good! 

9. You’ll stop beating yourself up and be so much kinder to yourself

10. Taste the freedom!

Meantime, back to social media and politics, just to note, how elegant do any of us look eating…. catch up on the #JeSuisEd hashtag – proper ground-up campaign – I’m not even a Labour voter, but I like the way people have got together to push back at The Sun!

P.S. The #JeSuisEd campaign reminds me of the kickback against ‘Women Who Eat on Tubes’ – eating used as a way to shame people, and the internet fighting back!

[VIDEO] Jean Vanier speaks on the Big Questions

When someone is loved, they are transformed, reveal to them they are beautiful. This does not happen if you’ve been humiliated and devalued. A really interesting talk ranging across many topics including the Holocaust, and everyday life: discover what it means to be a full human coming from vulnerable/fragile relationships.