Campaign: The 100 best posters of the century, 1999

A really fascinating book which considers, as the title says, the 100 best posters of the twentieth century. BUT, who decides what can be considered the ‘best’. The decisions were made by a wide range of people working for some of the most prolific current British advertising agencies. Apparently a lot of time was required to produce a list of the ‘100 best’, but of particular interest to me, studying for a PhD in British Continue Reading →

The Art of Persuasion: Poster Design from 1896 through 2008

Exhibition: August 25 – December 13, 2009 Exhibition Lecture: 7:00 pm on Thrusday, October 8 The Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery presents The Art of Persuasion: Poster Design from 1896 through 2008, on display from August 25th through December 13th, 2009. The Art of Persuasion surveys a century of development in the visual language of posters. Presented in three distinct thematic groups—Pleasure & Leisure, Politics & Propaganda, and Commercial Advertising, this broad selection of posters Continue Reading →