Using Twitter in PowerPoint

Now there’s a great idea, and cheaper than clickers, but if using it in the classroom, it does assume that all students have Twitter (which is clearly not the case). I heard of this possibility through @Ulfilas, and look forward to hearing more: Using Twitter in PowerPoint (using Poll Everywhere) Free PowerPoint Twitter Tools Digital Fingerprint Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @MMUBS. Interested in digital Literacy in the third sector. Author of Continue Reading →


Brizzly appears to be a new toy on the market, as recommended by @StephenFry (still the UK’s top Twitter advocate?). I still haven’t done a great deal with it, but with the rise of spammers, it looks to be a useful/interesting tool, and again, is capable of managing multiple accounts. I wondered what was different, but it opens up all short-links (which you’ll still need to use to post to keep them short and maximise Continue Reading →


In reading other’s Twitter updates, I came across an interesting tool: “Portwiture“, which reads your recent tweets (I’m not sure how recent, but I tried this out yesterday and today, and the images had changed significantly, so I’m assuming it works on the most recent tweets only) and turns them into a pictorial montage. At first, appearing like a bit of fun, I was extremely pleased to see that sfdo‘s tweet stream very much reflects Continue Reading →

Friend or Follow

I am looking at who I follow/am followed by on Twitter, and was looking for a tool which would give me an idea. As a first run, I have found very helpful in identifying those who I am following but are not following me. Some people will only follow those who are following them, which isn’t my style (as some of the biggest names, who post the most interesting tweets (e.g. @mashable) don’t follow many Continue Reading →