The @AHRCpress Programme

I applied for this, didn’t get it, but definitely important in the current communication and HE culture… All the chosen academics assert that their colleagues have been supportive. According to Zoe Norridge, lecturer in modern and contemporary literature at the University of York, who spoke about cultural responses to the Rwandan Genocide, academic attitudes about the value of public engagement are “rapidly changing”, due in part to the impact agenda.”Public communication is becoming valued and Continue Reading →

Challenges To Biography (AHRC)

Why the network? Clearly academic biographers from different disciplines, freelance biographers, and theorists of biography can and do meet – but too often their engagement with each other is haphazard. A research network can consolidate fragile lines of communication across disciplines, between practitioners and theorists, and between scholars and non-academic writers. How easy to join in? That was incredibly simple to do. I went to ‘comment’, which prompted me to register. Before too long I Continue Reading →

Radio 3 ‘New Generation Thinkers’ Application

The Funding Award (AHRC/Radio 3) Do you want to tell the world about your work? In the last six months BBC Radio 3 has broadcast programmes presented by academics on subjects as varied as 16th century Scottish history, Johnsonian linguistics, Turkish literature and the history of astronomy. Its daily arts and ideas programme Night Waves has provided a platform for debate and commentary from scholars across the world. Now BBC Radio 3 and the Arts Continue Reading →

Review: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter recently rumbled back into town, and the debates amongst the Christian community arose again. To reject the series on principle: because the entire story is set within a world of magic? Or to place it within the canon of British allegorical writers with J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis? J.K. Rowling is a great storyteller, and I’m one of many who has been drawn in. Her stories, although set in a fictional world, chime Continue Reading →