[EXHIBITION] Illinois Holocaust Museum

Hmmm, a new exhibition highlights the British experience of the Second World War by leading with the Keep Calm and Carry On poster… I really hope they also highlight that it wasn’t used: An import from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, “Keep Calm and Carry On” showcases the ingenuity and defiance of the British on the homefront during the London Blitz. Of particular interest are colorful “propaganda” scarves designed by Jacqmar scattered throughout Continue Reading →

Americans comment on UK Happiness Monitoring

So it’s official. Stiff-upper-lip-Brits have gone all touchy-feely. Today theĀ Guardian Newspaper reportedĀ that “The UK government is poised to start measuring people’s psychological and environmental wellbeing, bidding to be among the first countries to officially monitor happiness.” On this dull, dark afternoon in London, we UK-based Newsfeeders can’t imagine that the survey will find the Brits in the throes of estactic jubilation. While some nationalities run hot and cold, the Brits do tepid better than any Continue Reading →