[SYMPOSIUM] Online Anonymity: Right or Threat? at @lboroCRCC #CRCC2017

Simone Natale kicked off with The New Yorker published a cartoon in 1993 – “no one knows you’re a dog”, with the idea that the online makes it easy to hide your ID. Timandra Harkness indicated that is an updated version – zoom out and we can see the surveillance cameras giving ALL the data – the tech is already there. John Downey from Loughborough’s Centre for Research in Communications and Culture highlighted what they Continue Reading →

TED Talk: Jeff Hancock: The future of lying

Thanks to Penn who introduced me to this TED talk from Jeff Hancock, here are some notes I made as I was listening: Lying seems to be a central part of being human. As a former Canadian border guard, spent time trying to determine who was lying. Diogenes – sought to find a single human who didn’t lie – died without finding one Confucius – believed in sincerity, in principles. Over the last 20 years, Continue Reading →