Would you ban laptops in your classroom? #HigherEd #TechChat

Interesting thoughts from an academic who banned laptops from his classroom: The problem is not just that laptops provide an outlet for boredom. After all, distraction was just as much a problem in Aristotle’s day as in ours. Laptops also have a negative effect on the more attentive students, many of whom compulsively transcribe every utterance out of my mouth onto their keyboards. I’ve even had some students who type notes and use a digital voice recorder Continue Reading →

Breaking Up With My iPhone

Another fascinating tale about someone making an active decision to disconnect from the ‘always-on’ nature of their iPhone: This sturdy conviction soon gave way to a more fragile reality. It turned out my iPhone only enabled me do what I always did — just more frequently and everywhere. In other words, I basically checked email and Facebook countless times a day and took thousands of pictures of my children. There’s no doubt many people use Continue Reading →

Anti-Social Networks?

An interesting piece which highlights the values of the humanities to question what social networks and other digital technologies are doing to us as human beings (and educators): Or, perhaps more accurately, our iSelves. According to a spate of recent studies, narcissistic personality disorder is on the rise among American youth. Psychologists lay the blame of this and related “iDisorders” at the virtual feet of what one critic, Cory Doctorow, has called “an ecosystem of Continue Reading →

Darwin wouldn't have bothered with Twitter?

Checking out a story in i this evening, which reckons that Darwin (and other?) theories wouldn’t have happened in the modern day: Our world is a frantic, intellectually combustible place. Opinions are 10 a penny in the age of Twitter. Mature reflection does not play a major part in public discourse. Knee-jerk reaction? That’ll do. Of course, we have great thinkers today, but they are often drowned out by the general cacophony of soundbites and Continue Reading →