Anonymity Online with @vickybeeching

Authenticity, ‘being real’, being passionate as an overflow of who you are – all things I am passionate about talking about so really interested to catch this piece by @vickybeeching (about four hours late, shocking!), which unsurprisingly gets good discussion going on her Twitter – thanks for more triggers Vicky: It’s not all bad of course. I’m a massive fan of social media and degrees of anonymity can be used really well within it. ‘Pseudonymity’ is an Continue Reading →

The Story of Santiago Swallow

Really interesting story about Santiago Swallow: He has more than 85,000 followers on Twitter. Or rather, he did have until Twitter suspended his account this week. But why would Twitter close the account of one of the most brilliant social media minds in the world? The fact that Santiago Swallow doesn’t exist probably had something to do with it. In the world of social media, the truth can be a sketchy business. Twitter is coming Continue Reading →

Branding and Perception in #highered

I’m interested in branding, but truly believe that a brand has to represent authentically what something is about… can consultants who are not at the centre of a brand really help… Times Higher Education has an article which indicates… not: Paul Temple, reader in higher education management at the Institution of Education, has argued that although branding consultants have said they can change a university’s reputation, it can be built up only by years of academic Continue Reading →