#EmptyShelf2016 #59: Why Diets Make Us Fat: the unintended consequences of our obsession with weight loss @sandra_aamodt

So, over the last few days I’ve been reading Why Diets Make Us Fat by Sandra Aamodt – in bits and pieces as it’s not really a ‘read straight through’ book, although there’s plenty to think about. The blurb says: In the UK, almost two-thirds of adults are overweight. We think we know the answer: cut calories; eat less. We conclude that being fat is a failure of willpower, perhaps supplemented by a quirk of genetics. Continue Reading →

“Pause Before Eating” with @beyondchoc #Ditchdieting

Featured image from Buttercream Dreams (Stockport based) Christmas and then New Year is coming up … for many a time of ‘terror’ for Christmas parties, and then “the resolutions” (not something I’ve ever been a fan of – start where you are, don’t wait for a random date in the calendar). I’ve only ever got involved in formal dieting once… and that was Slimming World in 2006 … originally, I lost 3 stone (though I Continue Reading →

Be your Own Guru…in the Digital Age (@BeyondChoc)

In 2009, I went to a 1 day event with ‘Beyond Chocolate’. I’ve been working with their materials ever since, and got more involved this year – including becoming content provider for the Facebook page .. making lots of small changes to attitudes/things doing … and I could definitely see the influence on Raising Children in a Digital Age (everything in life influences everything else, right…)… so I wrote this little blog post! drbexl Life Explorer, HE/learning, Continue Reading →

Food Bank Related Stories #ClearAPlate

Today, I’ve seen a couple of stories related to food banks, etc. (as a supporter of Trussell Trust) – this video, featured in the Guardian is a very clever mini-play that very cleverly challenges the thinking that ‘there’s always something that can be made from odds and ends in the cupboard’ (well, you could from mine, but that’s another topic!) As one of my friends said, the trouble is that these policies are being made Continue Reading →

Gok Wan supports Body Confidence in the Classroom

Because of practices like the above, many women (and men!) are left striving for unachievable body shapes, and spend their lives miserable with their bodies. Beyond Chocolate drew my attention to the below, which is open for signing until 23rd December 2009 (Sign Here.): “A proposal for a new compulsory hour per year in the PSHE curriculum that will deal with the problems teenagers face when it comes to their appearance. The lesson will attempt to Continue Reading →

Beyond Chocolate

This weekend I went on a “Beyond Chocolate” weekend in London, and despite being late to both sessions, I got a huge amount out of it. Saturday was a “Healthy Eating” session, and Sunday was a “Body Confidence” session, which was particularly challenging! I’d ummed and arred about attending the course, as although the course seemed good value (and I’d read the book), it was a lot of money. I decided to go for it, Continue Reading →