#BigRead13: Day 49: Stories // Final Day

#BigRead13 Thoughts Really grateful to those who have stuck with this through the whole process, has been some real little encouragements, as we think about Easter … and the year ahead – what difference has engaging with the various online materials for Lent made to our lives? Dealing with the subject of death is always a difficult one, but this is such a lovely picture in The Last Battle: But for them it was only the Continue Reading →

#BigRead13: Day 47: Resurrection #EverythingChanges

A little weary this afternoon after getting up for sunrise service, but that was something special… about to disappear off for a nap though after my first session this morning… #BigRead13 Thoughts Probably earthly pleasures were never meant to satisfy it, but only to arouse it, to suggest the real thing. Looking forward to heaven some point (no more weary, shattered old mind/body), on a more earthly plane I’m looking forward to catching up with @onlinepraise Continue Reading →

#BigRead13: Day 46: Time

The final theme for #lentphotos is “loss” – and here’s something that caught my attention outside the Methodist Church in Minehead earlier today: #BigRead13 Thoughts Well, there’s a challenge for those of us who feel time poor from ‘The Screwtape Letters’ … and our attitude to time – we feel we own 24 hours day, begrudge the time we give to work and view: as a generous donation that further portion which he allows to Continue Reading →

#BigRead13: Day 45: Beloved

Today’s #lentphotos subject is #Loss – and I’m loving this picture by @goannatree – of beauty amidst a place of loss… similar to what we see today – the pain of Jesus hanging on the cross.. As spotted on Facebook today, which I then tweeted: “Nails didn’t hold God to a cross. Love did.”#EverythingChanges Six hours, one Friday – by @MaxLucado. At housegroup earlier this week we were discussing similar to this seen on Facebook also: I used Continue Reading →

#BigRead13: Day 44: Minds

So #LentPhotos today is ‘The Last Supper’ – we clearly need more interpretations, pictures, etc on Seed Resources – my favourite is this Stained Glass window (plenty of colour, although I’m sure there’s more ‘art-things’ I could say about it… http://www.seedresources.com/view/images/last-supper-window #BigRead13 Thoughts Ah… being ‘imprisoned in the mind’… Romans 12:2 obviously sprang to mind as I was preparing today’s reflection (along with Joyce Meyer, though I’ve only ever read one of her books!) – Continue Reading →

#BigRead13: Day 43: Seek

#LentPhotos Today’s #LentPhotos is ‘The Road Travelled’ – for which I decided to go to my TripAdvisor pins and screenshot them (taking out the many ‘I still wish to go to’ pins: #BigRead13 Thoughts So, we’re onto the last book in the Narnia series today The Last Battle, in which Aslan was found by those who sought him… combined with the simple – but powerful – verse: New International Version (©2011) (Matthew 7:7) “Ask and Continue Reading →

#BigRead13: Day 42: Colour

#LentPhotos The word for today is “hope”- and this one tickled me – if you’re like me, surrounded still by several days of freezing snow, but noticing the flowers trying to come out (and hoping they won’t be killed off): #BigRead13 Thoughts We’ve been feeling rather Narnian over the past week – ‘Always Winter, Never Christmas’: But when Father Christmas does appear: “I’ve come at last,” said he. “She has kept me out for a Continue Reading →

#BigRead13: Day 41: Real?

#LentPhotos Today’s is “a necessity” – so let’s see what @seedresources gives us today… well, nothing been tagged with that, so I let myself think for a bit… and.. water: Without water there’s not a lot else (and reminding me of an explanation of the trinity – which I do know some people find not quite on target theologically – but the trinity as ice, water and steam… all water but in different states of Continue Reading →