[REVIEW] Finding Myself in Britain: Our Search for Faith, Home & True Identity by @AmyBoucherPye

As someone whose PhD essentially focused upon British identity, and how the government during the Second World War sought to capitalise on that to ensure full engagement in the war by British citizens, a super-fan of Kate Fox’s Watching the English, along with really enjoying Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island and Icons of England, I was pleased to be sent a review copy of Amy Boucher Pye‘s Finding Myself in Britain… and interesting Continue Reading →

NEW BOOK: Keep Britain Tidy and Other Posters from the Nanny State

Hear all about it on the BBC, and put in an order to Amazon – looks fascinating. Second World War Posters Mass Communications Academic, @MMUBS. British Home Front Propaganda posters as researched for a PhD completed 2004. In 1997, unwittingly wrote the first history of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which she now follows with interest. https://twitter.com/ww2poster Like it? Share it…

'Raising Children in a Digital Age': The Back Cover

Are you worried about what your children might be doing online? What they might come across by accident? Or who might try to contact them through social media? Or do you just want them to get the most out of the new technology? Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or youth leader, you probably have some concerns about keeping children safe online, but also want to know how they (and you) can use it Continue Reading →

BOOK: Raising Children in a Digital Age (Enjoying the Best: Avoiding the Worst)

It’s moving forward, read about it on Digital Fingerprint, where you can also pre-order! drbexl Life Explorer, HE/learning, Christian, cultural history, WW2 posters: Keep Calm & Carry On, digital world, coach, ENFP, @digitalfprint, @ww2poster http://drbexl.co.uk Like it? Share it…

#DigitalParenting: Full Draft Submitted

So, the book was originally due end of May, then I set another deadline for last Tuesday, then yesterday, then tonight. It definitely needs more work, but it also needs reading by the editor, and it is a FULL DRAFT, if not a finished draft! Honestly, in my mind it was rather like the Moonwalk. Weeks of preparation, building up resilience/content. The Moonwalk itself, people kept saying 26 miles, and I would say 26.2. That Continue Reading →

#DigitalParenting: Shaheen Shariff: Truths & Myths of Cyber-Bullying

Shaheen Shariff & Andrew H. Churchill (Eds) Truths and Myths of Cyber-bullying: International Perspectives on Stakeholder Responsibility and Children’s Safety (2009) Edited by Canadians, drawing upon authors from across the globe – more detailed than many may want, and with a particular focus upon the role of educational institutions, but lots of really interesting content. The core argument is that issues “cannot be simplified to focus solely on the behaviours of children and youth without adequate consideration of the systemic Continue Reading →

#DigitalParenting: Marcus Leaning: The Internet, Power & Society

Marcus Leaning: The Internet, Power and Society: Rethinking the Power of the Internet to Change Lives (2009) I used to chat to Marcus a lot as we taught the course ‘Manipulating Media’ together at Winchester. He draws on a huge range of studies to consider how there have been feelings that daily life will be transformed/improved through use of the internet. Social networking – transforming politics/culture. However, the Internet has also been seen as a threat – pedophiliac material Continue Reading →

#DigitalParenting: Michael Carr-Gregg "Real Wired Child"

Michael Carr-Gregg is an Australian Psychologist with much experience of working with children. This book was written (in 2007)  with the support of the Australian police – nice simple read with a lot of practical advice, but no screen-shots (as digital changes too fast). The book is generally written from a positive perspective, assuming that the people reading this are parents unsure whether the online world is helping or hindering their children’s experiences…. Carr-Gregg definitely Continue Reading →