Universities need to learn how to present themselves…

How can universities demonstrate their value to the wider public? Universities have never been in the public eye so much. The research “impact agenda” is posing tough questions about the relevance of university research. The huge hike in student fees is creating intense scrutiny of what “quality” and “value for money” look like in relation to the curriculum. The shift from public to private funding is raising profound questions about the public role of the Continue Reading →

Martin Kemp: Christ to Coke

This book looks really interesting, and I’m interested that there’s a disclaimer about Coke, who are clearly more to be feared as power, rather than the Church – says much… Instead of an epigraph, Christ to Coke carries a disclaimer: “This book has not been approved by or endorsed by The Coca-Cola Company or any other company, and any views expressed in it are those of the author and not The Coca-Cola Company or any other company. Continue Reading →

8 Colour Tips for Your Brand

Brand color? The colors that represent your company reflect upon your brand. Consumers subconsciously react to certain colors in many different ways. Your brand is your promise/message and until they have reason not to, consumers should trust that message. Right? There sometimes are a myriad of factors that affect why or why not a consumer trusts a company but one that goes overlooked is the colors chosen to support the branding.  We know that a name has Continue Reading →