[BOOK REVIEW] Pamela Evans, Driven Beyond the Call of God: Discovering the Rhythms of Grace, 1999

‘Religion can damage your health’, so the first chapter of this book is entitled (p11)! In attempting to serve the church and our neighbour with all our hearts and minds and strength, we can find ourselves sucked into a lifestyle which undermines our very purpose and makes nonsense of our message. It’s all easy to work the treadmill called ‘church’ until we’re worn out, and alienated from our families. To them we may have become Continue Reading →

[BOOK REVIEW] Tim Chester, The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness, 2006

I picked this up whilst working as a caretaker/cleaner on an Oak Hall ski holiday in 2007. I was to give my testimony for the first time and was thinking around the tissues that were/are relevant at this time. Having taken redundancy, I was looking forward to some idle time, alongside some de-cluttering to really think things through. By April I wasn’t sure I was getting anywhere fast, the to-do list was as long (if Continue Reading →