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Lots of feedback from a post by ‘The Church Mouse’ in regards to #cmn10 indicating that there was little on new media at the conference… I missed the original post as I was busy talking to another group who are working with others who need some persuasion in using ‘new media’ – those in Higher Education!  There was a fair bit of “New Media” (whatever that may be these days), it just wasn’t central stage, Continue Reading →

"Quoted" for #cmn10 in the Guardian

“A cloud wept and then departed from The Church and media conference 2010 in Swanwick last week, but given the conference’s theme – “Voices from the Cloud” – it seemed appropriate. Over the course of the three day conference in Derbyshire BBC broadcasters, TV and film producers, freelancers and church media people were asked how voices of faith and integrity could make themselves heard among a maelstrom of stories.” Read the full article by Karen Continue Reading →

Twitter @ The MediaNet

“I upgraded my naff LG phone to a shiny new Samsung Android the other week and got very excited over the Twitter application. I wasn’t bothered about the actual phone bit of my new toy! As a Twitter lover, nothing pleased me more than being able to use the social media giant properly in all its glory, especially when I got accepted to attend the MediaNet academy at the Church and Media Conference in Swanwick. Continue Reading →

#cmn10, notes, day 3

The final day of the conference, a few rough notes! DAY 3 ChurchAds – new campaign. PANEL: BELIEVING IN BROADCASTING Tim Levell, Editor Blue Peter. (Lots of news experience) Start off – agree none of our faiths represented well enough (is this like always asking for more sweets). Fears that Christian characters will all be weird! In big crises, etc. everyone goes to the big charities – e.g. Oxfam. Inayat Bunglawala, Muslim Council of Britain Continue Reading →

Where have I been?

For the last 3 days I have been at Swanwick in Derbyshire, at the Church and Media Conference (my third time there!)… and I’m starting to create some blog entries on Digital Fingerprint, so check out the tag #cmn10! Digital Fingerprint Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @MMUBS. Interested in digital Literacy in the third sector. Author of ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age’, regularly checks hashtag #DigitalParenting. Like it? Share it…

Blogs from #cmn10

I’m going to collect any blog entries that I come across from #cmn10 on here: Entries from this blog Mike Thornton Live Blog: “The Future of Local Media” (Liz Hunter) Raspberry Rabbit (it’s from before the conference, but will be blog after?) I’m expecting to come across more – let me know if you see one! Digital Fingerprint Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @MMUBS. Interested in digital Literacy in the third sector. Continue Reading →

The Journey of a Hashtag: Getting #cmn10 on Twitter

Last year, at the Church and Media Conference, I was attempted to get a Twitter stream going, but there was very few of us who understood the potential and were engaging, I’d say around 6 of us. This year, I was determined that Twitter was going to make a stronger appearance at the conference! For years the Conference has been the ‘Churches’ Media Conference’, but this year was a change of name to the Church Continue Reading →

Summarising #cmn10

Ideas for this talk have been circulating since Andrew asked me to sum up the conference in 3 minutes, but really only had the last hour to put together 48 hours of an awesome conference! Last time on this stage, was part of the Academy webstream… Themes that are coming out of this conference, several of which I’ve heard in previous years, summarised well on Twitter “fear of dialogue with your audience, fear of new Continue Reading →