Social Media Boot Camp #dmingml

On Saturday, the Social Media Boot Camp was held at LICC, just off Oxford Street. I’m finding it really interesting working within both the Higher Education and the Christian sectors with regards to digital tools – both have groups who are keen to utilise the potential available with social media, both are pretty evangelistic about the purpose of the message they carry… and both have big groups of people who are resistant to social media, Continue Reading →

Dave Merwin #dmingml @davemerwin

The below is largely quick-notes taken on “my” iPad (it belongs to work, I have a bit of time to test it), so make of it what you will – I should just have live posted! Social Media Bootcamp View more presentations from davemerwin. Dave started with: Acts 1:23-26 – we use the tools we have! With social media and personal branding, it’s all about how you use the tool. Dave quoted David Winer – Continue Reading →