#EmptyShelf 2016 #43/4/5: Novels by Georgette Heyer

If you’ve never read Georgette Heyer, can I just say that you may be missing out! Often confused with Mills & Boon, Heyer wrote these ‘regency romances’ 1920s onwards, the history in them is deeply researched, and the novels chuckle along without loads of random salaciousness that every M&B seems to feel the need to chuck in. Holidays are typically a time when I may pick a Heyer novel up, and I have been known Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #42: Viral Loop: The Power of Pass-it-On by @Penenberg (Hodder, 2009)

So, continuing my look at memes/virality/sharing for a new chapter for my PhD thesis-related publication, and I picked up a nice brightly coloured book that’s been on my shelf for quite some time – Adam L Penenberg’s Viral Loop from 2009 (hardback) 2010 (paperback). It’s quite enjoyable reading a book which essentially contains quite a lot of futuristic predictions, which, 7 years later, we can see if some are coming to fruition! There’s less here about Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #41: Memes in Digital Culture by Limor Shifman (MIT Press, 2014)

As I continue to move my PhD towards publication at a very glacial pace, my reading is focusing around the notion that Keep Calm and Carry On would not have become such a phenomenon without the ‘digital revolution’ – so I’m looking at memes, sharing, what makes things viral, etc. First up, Limor Shifman, Memes in Digital Culture. This is a really small and readable book, but packs a really strong punch in the material that it Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #40: Dazzling Darkness by @RevRachelMann (Wild Goose Publications, 2012)

So, I’ve known Rachel on Facebook for ages, and think we may have met at GWL, but now we live nearby, hopefully time for another F2F catchup! Picked up Dazzling Darkness by Rachel Mann on Thursday, and decided to read it Friday – drawn in by the intro from Andrew Shanks from Manchester Cathedral What else, indeed, is the basic purpose of God’s primordial kenosis, or self-emptying in the Incarnation, if not to invite a similar response Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #33-39: Harry Potter Series by @jk_rowling

Well, what does one say about the Harry Potter book series, except that I think I started when book 4 or 5 was out, as I was looking for something rewarding to read after my PhD upgrade viva … since then I have re-read them several times, and at the end of the first year at MMU, wanted that relaxing familiarity … and as always, find a few new things! Now it’s time to rewatch Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #32: Simply Tuesday by @emilypfreeman (Revell, 2015)

I was sent this book for review in the last few months, and I thought it was quite ironic that I decided to pick it up and read it in the final 2-3 days of my annual leave, when I have been careful to turn my email off, taken an overseas break, but then came back to try and do a load of stuff to my new house, then put my paintbrush down and seemed Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #31: Under the Tuscan Sun by @francesmayes (Bantam, 1998)

After attending a course in Cornwall with Travellers’ Tales in 2007, randomly attending for something different to do, then realising that I knew nothing about the genre, I stocked up on a few appropriate books. I started reading this a couple of weekend’s ago at a friends, as she had the same book, then came home to pick up my own copy of Under the Tuscan Sun… and I really enjoyed it. The author (is/was) an Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf 2016 #31: Blue Gold by Elizabeth Stewart #TRM15 (Annick, 2014)

Another day, another teenage novel, one that was made all the more real by having watched Apple’s Broken Promises on Panorama for a unit I teach – The Responsible Marketer – which looked at people working in dangerous conditions in China and Africa to produce the goods that western society wants – now (and yes, I have an iPhone these days..). Blue Gold tells the story from the perspective of three teenage girls – Fiona, who Continue Reading →