Customer Feedback

I gain the majority of work through positive feedback from my clients, who recommend me to their friends and colleagues: Diocesan Workshops We had a great session about Social Media Strategy. Bex made everything easy to understand with clear direction on social media ‘dos and don’ts’.  It was fun and informative and we all took a lot away from it. We had positive feedback from everyone who attended, and all are now busy tweeting away Continue Reading →

#ODHEG End of Project Video (#JISCDigLit)

Rather than a written report (although there will also be a written report), we created a video, drawing on feedback from a range of people from the ODHE group, and what they had learnt from their time with the JISC-funded project. drbexl Life Explorer, HE/learning, Christian, cultural history, WW2 posters: Keep Calm & Carry On, digital world, coach, ENFP, @digitalfprint, @ww2poster Like it? Share it…

Face-to-Face Feedback Required?

Can the way that we mark, and return feedback make a difference? Instead of simply returning marked scripts to students, academics at Edinburgh Napier University invited first-year biomedical sciences students to sit with them while they assessed their work. With students in the room, tutors were able to explain more easily why they were awarding marks and which areas needed improvement, said Charlotte Chalmers, lecturer in biomedical science, who led the pilot study. The 45 Continue Reading →

Feedback from #Fipi Training

I ran a workshop for the Federation of Image Professionals on Thursday, which was a really enjoyable day, with 7 super-engaged delegates: I collected a range of feedback via AudioBoo: listen to ‘Chatting to @jackywilliams after #fipi’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Chatting to @findmystyle after #fipi’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Chatting to @stylealchemist after #fipi’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Chatting to Alison who will be setting up a Twitter account post #fipi’ on Audioboo There Continue Reading →

Should Universities be learning from Supermarkets?

Universities are encouraged to learn from Supermarket consumer-led strategies: He recommended that institutions should embrace social media as a feedback tool and to enable “two-way communication” with students because traditional methods of complaining were out of date. “If I am unhappy about something, I don’t write a nice letter and wait for a reply. I start broadcasting to my 8,500 followers. Everyone is their own broadcaster, with their own listeners,” he said. Meanwhile, Peter Slee, Continue Reading →

Feedback: Play the Game

What do you do when someone posts something ‘bad’ about you online? Do you encourage others that have more positive things to say to post for you – is that playing the game or manipulating things? For lecturers who pay attention to such websites, a poor rating denoted by an unhappy face next to their name on the US-based website can be both a professional and personal blow. However, rather than dismissing the site, Continue Reading →

Feedback: Before, During, After

I’m currently working on a project called ‘FASTECH’, funded by JISC, so any stories on Feedback/Assessment are of interest. I’ve also been working on a module called Manipulating Media for the past 18 months, which we’ve developed with clear expectations of the assignment, ongoing ‘consultancy’, and a mix of peer/tutor feedback: In a paper entitled “Reconceptualising assessment feedback: A key to improving student learning?”, published in the latest issue of Studies in Higher Education, the researchers Continue Reading →

Audio Feedback (@jisc_rsc_se)

Live notes from the session: Information is on the Moodle site. Research that has been done is wholly positive about the effects of audio feedback. Portsmouth University. Find it personable, absorb information in different ways (skim read otherwise), listen to it on mobile devices on the move, shareable, can go through feedback in tutorials/agree targets. Negatives seem to be all from the tutors side – about getting on board. Ultimately should be saving you time Continue Reading →