Interview with Matt Fielding (@mattfieldingSEO)

We’ve love to know a bit about Matt Fielding from Custard Media before he starts guest blogging for Digital Fingerprint once a month. We asked him some questions. Who are you, where did you grow up, and what got you where you are today in the digital media world? Hello there… I work as an online marketing consultant for Custard Media Solutions in Lancashire. I grew up in sunny Blackburn, went to University in Lancaster and stumbled Continue Reading →

What are you saying? #JISCEL11

Below is a repost of a guest blog post that I did for ‘Letters from the Edge’ for the JISC Online Conference: A theme that has already emerged in at the conference is one of the importance of the language that we’re using. The following themes have already appeared either in the chat themes, or emerged in my head after particular sessions: Should we be using the term ‘digital literacies’? Should we name sessions ‘technology Continue Reading →

Guest Post on @richardlittleda Preacher’s Blog

The other week I wrote a guest blog post for Richard Littledale: With a background in historical communications and teaching, I’m well aware of the importance of different learning styles, and after years of trying to conform to the expectations of others, I’m seeking out ‘ways of being’ that allow me to engage fully. In the Second World War, many different poster styles and messages were used to get the message across, as the government Continue Reading →

Twitter @ The MediaNet

“I upgraded my naff LG phone to a shiny new Samsung Android the other week and got very excited over the Twitter application. I wasn’t bothered about the actual phone bit of my new toy! As a Twitter lover, nothing pleased me more than being able to use the social media giant properly in all its glory, especially when I got accepted to attend the MediaNet academy at the Church and Media Conference in Swanwick. Continue Reading →

Twitter: Of Value?

Author: Adam Brown, Somewhat Functional Originally Published in Sorted Magazine What are you doing? Its one of the first things we often ask friends and family. Even if the answer is just mowing the lawn or cooking dinner, it makes us feel connected to each others lives. Most of the time, our day to day lives are hidden from people who care. Sure, there are emails, and blogs, and of course text messages but often Continue Reading →