[MEDIA] Brits to spend on average more than 1.9 billion minutes on social media on Christmas Day with @PremierRadio

Earlier today, I spoke on Premier Radio News Hour. Some of the story made it onto a blog post, the rest has been captured here: The press release I was responding to: BRITS TO SPEND ON AVERAGE MORE THAN 1.9 BILLION MINUTES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ON CHRISTMAS DAY* This year is set to be a dazzling ‘Digital Christmas’ according to new research by Save the Children which shows a staggering 1.9 billion minutes will be Continue Reading →

Internet Addiction Impacting Studies?

Curious about this piece of research: Internet addicts were less motivated to study, according to responses given in the survey. Students with mild or worse internet addiction were judged to be 10 per cent less intrinsically motivated, on average, than those without such a problem. The effect was more marked on internet-addicted students’ self-efficacy, which was about 25 per cent lower. Phil Reed, who led the study, said that the results “seem to show that Continue Reading →