Learning Through Engagement with the Conference #JISCEL12

Last week I attended the JISC ‘Innovating Learning’ online conference – here’s a blog post I wrote for ‘Letters from the Edge’ – the conference blog: This is a post, as with my ‘live’ blog posts, written as an ‘on the spot reflection’ rather than an agonised-over academic piece! Over the past few years, I may have sworn at virtual classrooms in my previous role. Once, however you stop focusing on the technology it’s great Continue Reading →

#JISCEL12: Why do I need a teacher when I've got Google? @thatiangilbert

Drawing on ideas and themes from Ian’s best-selling book of this title along with his experience of working with young people and educators around the world, this interactive session will explore why world-class is the only standard for education, why the democratisation of knowledge has to be matched with the democratisation of learning and why lunging at the first question that comes into our heads will make us better learners. Bring out the best in Continue Reading →

Lifelong learning in a digital age: New audiences, new needs, new approaches #JISCEL12

Marion Manton, Oxford    4 years – every programme uses technology in some way, but in very different ways – the magic words ‘efficiency gain’. A weekend/few days of study a few days a term, rather than having to come to Oxford every week. Opened up the study wider. Oxford programme information. Lots of learners would say that they would prefer face-to-face, but you can see learners who realise that online learning allows more participation Continue Reading →

Catching Up 'Levers of Change' with @jamesclay #JISCEL12

Levers of Change – seeing similarities with steam engines … Some levers make sense – move forward, it moves forward Some don’t have obvious sense Some are out of our control – e.g. points can take us in different directions 3 Questions for this session: What causes change? What can we do to instigate change? What can we do to mitigate some of the issues caused by change? Unsurprisingly many e-learning people are early adopters: Continue Reading →

#JISCEL12 – Catching up on @Dr_Black Keynote

How can we innovate more in education? With Dr Sue Black – who I’ve been privileged to have a (rather boozy) night out with on the South Bank a couple of years ago … First question:  What has been good/bad about your own educational experience? Are we doing the right thing now in educational institutions? Sue’s Education When did Sue first realise she was a geek? Around age 7… Saving pocket money to buy maths Continue Reading →

"Students as digital partners and pioneers" with #JISCEL12

I finally managed to get into the JISC ‘Innovating E-Learning’ conference by working at home… I have a few to catch up on, but this afternoon joining the University of Exeter talking about their cascade project – students as digital partners & pioneers. Malcolm Ryan started us off with a question … whilst people adjusted to using the software: University of Exeter We then went across to the University of Exeter to head from those Continue Reading →