Lent is Coming


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So, it’s time for Lent. For once, I haven’t been on top of exactly when it’s coming, as after four years of doing #bigread, we’ve taken a break this year (it’s a huge amount of work, you know) – materials remain available online. Anyway, Lent starts Wednesday, with Easter Day 5th April (I’ll be at Spring Harvest, come join!)

So, what will I be engaging with for Lent?

I’m already engaged in a discussion group on Facebook, reading We Make the Road by Walking, which will last all year.

As I have done for the last few Lent/Advent sessions, I am going to receive Brian Draper‘s daily ‘in the moment’ emails, which always give something to chew over for the day.

I always like to keep an eye on what Street Angels are doing with ‘Love Your Streets‘.

A few years ago, I gave up supermarket shopping for Lent. I think this year, I will again do a food-focused challenge, in which I will focus on the foods in my cupboards, and seek to make meals from those, preferably topping up from small ‘fill-in’ shops, rather than a ‘big shop’ (in either sense of the word), and remove some of that consumerist mindset!

Finally, I love what @40Acts does, and look forward to engaging with the ‘gentle’ acts suggested within the ‘green’ section of 5 minutes or less (as this year acts will be split into 3 levels, according to the energy that you have that day):

#BigRead13 – Further Reflections

So, looking around on Lent stuff that’s appearing all over the web – I still want to find ways to bring it all together … the web allows us both to be super-niche (which seems to be current model) or really make an impact by getting all together…


So – I sat still for 10 minutes … I had set the timer on my phone … and had to resist the desire to check how much longer was left! I sat on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket – starting off head down – but my head was filling up with half-conversations, deadlines, and all the other things I know I haven’t (yet?) managed to do… I then started staring at my bookcase, but that made me wonder when I was going to engage with that stuff… FYI it’s mostly full of books on coaching; body image; travel (lots!); consumerism & propaganda posters! As they say – 28 days to develop a habit (& I found this daily blogging habit helpful on #adventbookclub) … so let’s see what further days bring!

Brian Draper: Lent 40

I’ve been on retreat with Brian a couple of times – and he’s managed to get me to sit still (maximum of 15 mins I think we got to!) – and I’m looking forward to his daily emails – see what it starts with:

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.’ Albert Einstein

Are we feeling challenged by the 40 days ahead as Jesus was on facing the desert? How is what I am choosing to do going to make a difference to me in my discipleship journey (it’s a bonus if others do too!).

Powerful words from Brian himself:

The point of this journey is not to get through it, but to break up our busyness-as-usual routine, and to discover what happens when we make time for what matters most.

What have we been missing in our rush to get somewhere else? What we do is less important than the HOW (by which I’m thinking our attitude to it)… do you agree?

Spotted on Facebook:


From: http://godspace.files.wordpress.com


‘Create a Generosity Kit’ – I think I might look at my handbag tonight and see what I tend to carry … ensure I have some spare coins, first aid type stuff, some cough drops/tissues … although I’ve been trying to de-clutter my bag too! Maybe I should look at good stuff for the car… e.g. Mars Bars/Ropes/Jump Leads, etc. and ensure that they’re all in good condition – that may be more of an ‘action’..

Stephen Cottrell: Christ in the Wilderness

Checking into @pamjwebster & enjoying this simple thought… and the one above for me sums up what I’ve said to many … yes we can spend too long on social media – but does that require ‘cold turkey’ or a healthier way of living?:

@pamjweb on Twitter

@pamjweb on Twitter

And I’m keeping an eye on Cybersten’s #lentphotos … is adding taking a photo a day too much?!

What’s up with Lent?

Last year was the first year that I really “did” anything for Lent, when I organised The Big Read 2011. I had watched (particularly non-Christian) friends giving things up, but not participating…

Lent is the time when we are preparing for Easter, which some have described as ‘New Year for Christians’ – when we remember the 40 days of preparation that Jesus spent in the desert:

Taken up for 2012?

This year, I am again running ‘The Big Read 2012‘. We had the materials prepared a lot sooner, and have prepared social media layers, so there’s more conversation – but a lot of it is still going on offline – people keep saying how wonderful it is – would love people to demonstrate that by partaking more online :-)

Given up for 2012?

For a couple of months I’ve been trying to sort out my cupboards by eating up what’s in them, and increasing my “local” shopping, but still ending up at the supermarket with £100 trolley loads… which then don’t seem to add much to the choices in the cupboard (and I’m not feeling particularly flush in the pocket so need to save some ££)! So, for Lent, I’ve formalised that – no shopping in the big out of town supermarkets (and avoiding the in-town ones if possible).

  • Last Sunday I went to the Farmer’s Market & shot around – spending about £20 – not a huge amount of stuff, but very tasty!
  • Yesterday I made it into town, picking up milk in £land, £13 worth of fruits & veg from the marketstall (towards end of day, when they are down-pricing everything).. not sure if even then I don’t have too much
  • I seem to be whizzing around the country, so I have pre-cooked a load of meals yesterday to put in the freezer – as I don’t want to waste food either.

I’m thinking more about what I need, what I’m buying, and having a more interesting range of foods, as I had bought things meaning to try them, but it seemed easier to buy something else! Let’s see how we get on…

Forethought for Tuesday in Holy Week #EasterLive

Thought 1: What to talk about today?

So, it’s Tuesday, what does that mean? Not knowing the Easter timeline all that well, I was very pleased to spot this Holy Week Timeline via someone’s Twitter account, and blogged about it earlier today on BigBible.

According to the timeline above, we’re onto the withered fig tree, but EasterLive gives us a clear outline for the stories that we are looking at.

Thought 2: Tom Wright: The Parables

So, Tom Wright has talked to us about the Tenants in the Vineyard:

and in week 4, it was all about parables!

Thought 3: What has everyone else been talking about?

EasterLive have given us clickable options to what others have been talking about (I am assuming across the whole hashtag, rather than just for today):

Ah no, I just clicked, it’s not doing a tag cloud, it has given a list of pre-suggested words (so #Easterlive tweeters, get using them), as there’s a couple that are empty if you click through into them.

Thought 4: Arguments

Do arguments have to difficult, harsh, etc.? I googled ‘Postive Argument’, which may be some kind of scientific term, but I liked The Happiness Project outline of how to positively contribute to arguments..

There’s so many things we could follow around the web, but I’m off to meet with Huw, the imaginative person behind EasterLive, to celebrate his upcoming birthday…