[LIFELONG LEARNING] Feedback on Reflective Essay on PhD Supervision

It’s been a while since I wrote an essay, but I was pleased to receive this mark yesterday for an essay on “To produce a written reflective assignment, to include a demonstration of the participant’s critical and analytical understanding of the learning from the unit content, and action planning for their continuing professional development as postgraduate supervisors. (2,500- 3,000 words)”. You can download the essay (minus appendices) in PDF format, and I think the feedback below Continue Reading →

Technology and the Lifelong Learning Sector

Technology and the lifelong learning sector on Prezi Prezi, another piece of software that I need to find time to get my head round. I’ve known about it for the past year, and I understand it’s easy to use.. but that you do need to put a couple of hours aside to learn it – and several of my ‘Design for Digital Media‘ students have used Prezi to present their ‘web briefs’ for a project. Continue Reading →