University #occupylsx

Is this not every academic’s dream? A keen, engaged audience (likely because you are providing interesting, dynamic and interactive content): It is 3.55pm on a dark winter’s afternoon, but the philosophy seminar on “Radical democracy and Rousseau” shows no sign of flagging. Eager, earnest students are still desperate to make their final points before the hour is up, awaiting that split-second pause that will let them jump back into the debate. Close your eyes and Continue Reading →

Joining #flashevensong / @flashevensong @StPaulsLondon #OccupyLSX

Today, I met with Pete Phillips to discuss where we’re going with @bigbible, etc. and, combined with a number of Tweets I’d seen earlier, decided that I would join the Flash Evensong, organised by @artsyhonker (who’d run a similar event on Sunday). Bex and Pete at #occupylsx (mp3) Check out the rest of our boos from #occupyslx Information had been circulated via Twitter since Sunday afternoon (always with the knowledge that the Cathedral might reopen), with Continue Reading →