The Mobile Revolution? A Conversation with Ben #TFBloggers

Ben is the facilitator for the PEP process in Ogongora (and other local villages), so I grabbed the chance for a chat with him yesterday about mobile phone usage, and what it has changed about village life. It has become quite clear this week that phones are being used in Continue Reading →

The Mobile Revolution? #TFBloggers

Africa is frequently mentioned as one of the places where mobile phones have revolutionalised life – in a country which was too vast to support the infrastructure of landlines,  the mobile has given connectivity to many who had never had it before. As we’ve driven through the towns, there are Continue Reading →

We Met: Isaiah #TFBloggers

Isaiah and the War: When the fighting started, rebel forces came and took boys to be soldiers, although many didn’t make it to their destination.  Others were rounded up into camps, which were congested, and because there was no proper hygiene, people were dying fast.  Isaiah has two sisters, along with Continue Reading →