[SYMPOSIUM] Online Anonymity: Right or Threat? at @lboroCRCC #CRCC2017

Simone Natale kicked off with The New Yorker published a cartoon in 1993 – “no one knows you’re a dog”, with the idea that the online makes it easy to hide your ID. Timandra Harkness indicated that is an updated version – zoom out and we can see the surveillance cameras giving ALL the data – the tech is already there. John Downey from Loughborough’s Centre for Research in Communications and Culture highlighted what they Continue Reading →

Checking out new MA from @LSTheology #digitalstudent

So there’s a new MA on the block from London School of Theology. It’s advertised as Beyond applied theology – the MA in Integrative Theology (MAiTh) can either be accessed and completed online worldwide or studied full or part-time on campus in London – what ever suits your lifestyle or needs better. As I was looking at this, whilst thinking about how CODEC develops an appropriate MA, and whether it should be  fully online/offline, and as the debate Continue Reading →

#DigitalParenting: Ignoring Each Other With Books?

A few extracts from the book related to this: (p181-182) With the growth of tablet devices and e-readers, one of the leading debates is about both the quality and the quantity of reading. The CHILDWISE 2012 Report points to the 30 per cent that read often for pleasure, although 17 per cent never do so, with 14 per cent of boys and 11 per cent of girls favouring e-books over printed books: At age 7–8, children Continue Reading →

#AdventBookClub: Day 11: Embodying Peace

Like these lyrics from Peter Mayer “We are blessed, we are broken, given one more chance to be found in you. We are in One Peace”…. a very clever play on words – whilst we may feel like we are in pieces – we are within Peace, and can journey into the world as peacemakers… which fits nicely with some of the next thoughts! Lots of encouragement from Maggi Dawn today – including … our Continue Reading →

"Virtual" Recruitment Fair

Well, this is an interesting development – international recruitment online (is this truly virtual, still having issues with that word): Leonardo lives in Brazil and wants to come to the UK to study for a master’s in literature. He attends a recruitment fair where he can speak to university representatives, pick up prospectuses, chat with current students and watch a presentation by the vice-chancellor. But this is not a traditional recruitment fair – it is all Continue Reading →

Who needs #Wimbledon on?

Good job BBC – can check in on this (though all looking a bit 🙁 at the moment!) between editing paragraphs! drbexl Life Explorer, HE/learning, Christian, cultural history, WW2 posters: Keep Calm & Carry On, digital world, coach, ENFP, @digitalfprint, @ww2poster http://drbexl.co.uk Like it? Share it…

What happens if I die? Online lives on…

A really interesting article has popped up on Mashable in the last hour – and I’d been talking to my Mum about this this afternoon… what happens to your digital accounts/data when you die? And what should those, such as me (and in fact most people) do to prepare a ‘digital will’ to say what others can do with your accounts if you die? Jed Brubaker has studied ‘post-mortem social networking’ for 3 years. “I Continue Reading →

The Physical Campus: On its way out?

There’s lots of debate as to what the 21st century classroom will grow to look like, and Times Higher Education picks up another story suggesting that the physical campus will become a thing of the past, as students log in when/where they want: The traditional university model is unlikely to survive the next 50 years because teaching, examinations and student social life will be offered separately on an “a la carte” basis, the British Council’s annual Continue Reading →