“Digital Natives lack online nous” says @Ofcom

A report was released by Ofcom yesterday into Children and Parents attitudes – and this was the accompanying press releaseĀ (note, I’m not a particular fan of the term ‘digital native‘, especially the way that it’s used): Children increasingly trusting of information they find online One in ten believe everything they find on social media or apps is true Most 12-15s unaware that ‘vloggers’ can be paid to endorse products Children are becoming more trusting of Continue Reading →

Edinburgh: Raising Children in a Digital Age – Evening Event

Evening programme runs from 7-9pm, and includes coffee and cake from 6.45pm Digital technology, social media and online gaming are now a universal part of childhood. But are you worried about what your children might be doing online? What they might come across by accident? Or who might try to contact them through Facebook or Twitter? Whether you’re involved in children’s ministry, a parent, grandparent, or carer, you will want children to get the most Continue Reading →