Related Projects of Interest

There are many others working on, or have already completed, theses that are also of interest to me as a researcher in this topic, and therefore may also be of interest to others. Boon, T., ‘Film and contestation of public health in interwar Britain ‘, PhD, 1999 Chapman, J., ‘Official British Film Propaganda during the Second World War’, PhD, 1995 Carruthers, S.L., ‘Propaganda, publicity and political violence: the presentation of terrorism in Britain, 1944-60’, PhD, Continue Reading →

Leslie William Spears: An Enquiry into the use of propaganda on the Home Front during World War Two with special reference to the role and effectiveness of the poster as a means of conveying Government policy

Original typescript, 1998. Dissertation (M.A.) – University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, Division of History of Art and Design, 1998. No abstract. I attended some sessions at Winchester School of Art, with Brandon Taylor, re: Art & Propaganda, and Leslie was inspired to write this MA. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never had a chance to read it, maybe now I’m back in the area, I might find time! Second World War Posters Continue Reading →

P.H. Taylor: ‘The Role of Local Government during the Second World War, with special reference to Lancashire’

Taylor, P.H., ‘The role of local government during the second world war, with special reference to Lancashire.’ Ph.D. completed 1992. Lancaster University Abstract: This is a thesis concerning the effects of war on society and in particular that of World War Two on Local Government. It employs the idea of `test-dissolution-transformation’, brought about by the conflict, on the workings of the local authorities in a wide field of endeavour. These range from Civil Defence, evacuation Continue Reading →

G.Sinclair: ‘Propaganda and Churchill in the Second World War: The Making of an Icon’

Wonder if this thesis has been finished yet? Sinclair, G., ‘Propaganda and Churchill in the Second World War: the Making of an Icon’ PhD Thesis, in progress. University of Kent at Canterbury Looking at how Churchill was presented to the public in the media and how this image was controlled by party political interests, the government and commercial concerns. Also reassess the public’s opinion of Churchill during the war and how public opinion is used Continue Reading →

Paul Rennie: ‘An Investigation into the Design, Production and Display Contexts of Industrial Safety Posters Produced by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents During WW2’

Rennie, P., ‘An investigation into the design, production and display contexts of industrial safety posters produced by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents during WW2‘ PhD thesis, completed January 2004. London College of Printing. This thesis examines a group of posters produced by the Industrial Service of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) during WW2 (1939-45). The posters were commissioned to reduce factory accidents and raise awareness amongst workers of Continue Reading →

K.L.Parker: ‘Women MPs, Feminism and Domestic Policy in the Second World War’

Parker, K.L. ‘Women MPs, Feminism and Domestic Policy in the Second World War’ D.Phil completed, 1994. Oxford University Abstract: This thesis examines the role of women MPs in framing domestic policy, perceptions of gender roles, and feminism during the Second World War. Revising questions posed by previous studies, it explores how the women MPs defined ’emancipation’ for women, the terms under which they were willing to advance gender-based claims, and the forces which affected their Continue Reading →

Lucy Noakes: ‘Gender and British National Identity in Wartime: A Study of the Links between Gender and National Identity in Britain in the Second World War, the Falklands War and the Gulf War’

Noakes, L. ‘Gender and British national identity in wartime: a study of the links between gender and national identity in Britain in the Second World War, the Falklands War and the Gulf War.’ D.Phil. thesis completed 1996, Sussex University Particular use is made of Mass-Observation. This focuses on the representation of men and women as wartime citizens on the public stage. Considers how ideas from the Second World War were re-appropriated for later wars. The Continue Reading →

I.R.C. Howling, ‘”Our Soviet Friends”: The Presentation of the Soviet Union in the British Media 1941-45’

Howling, I.R.C. ”Our Soviet Friends’: the presentation of the Soviet Union in the British Media 1941-45′ M.A. completed, 1988. Leeds University Abstract: Presenting the Soviet Union to the British public – whether as an adversary during the period of the Nazi-Soviet Pact or as an ally in the Anglo-Soviet Alliance – posed great problems to British wartime propagandists. This thesis is an examination of the methods employed by the British government, armed as it was Continue Reading →