9 Positive Things About the Internet with @KidsEmail

I’ve been having a bit of a chat with Heather and Brittany from KidsEmail.Org, so I looked at what they’re offering.  Their email offers mail monitoring, time restrictions, mail queue, block senders, contact manager, remove ads, GPS tracker and custom mailboxes – a number of features that can be used, definitely with younger kids, and then gradually giving more responsibility to the child, until they move onto a grown-up option. Heather offered the following blog post:  The Continue Reading →

The Positives of Suicide Forums #DigitalParenting

An interesting piece from the BBC (H/T Maggie Barfield): Joe Ferns of the Samaritans added: “We should acknowledge that many people are using suicide forums and chatrooms to anonymously discuss their feelings of distress and despair, including suicidal thoughts, which may have a positive impact on the individual. They may be expressing feelings that they have never disclosed to anyone in their offline lives. “Rather than concentrating primarily on ways of blocking and censoring such Continue Reading →

Online Learning in the Middle East?

Interesting, and often sold as one of the benefits of creating online learning, for those nations unable to afford education, affording global fairness: Building a world-beating academy, so the argument goes, takes decades, even centuries of meticulous investment in infrastructure, postgraduates and reputation. But what if you could use the internet to leapfrog this slow and steady process by plugging your students into the best lectures from across the world? This was the hope of Continue Reading →

Recent Find: Get Excited and Change Things

Keep calm and carry on was the message for people in Britain during World War II. I like get excited and change things better. As fun as that is, though, the thing about change is that when it gets personal, most of us don’t actually like it. That’s why it’s easier to work on change in small doses. How can we take one tiny step towards something new? Read more. Second World War Posters Mass Communications Academic, @MMUBS. Continue Reading →