[BOOK PUBLICATION] Keep Calm and Carry On : The Truth Behind the Poster

Within my 1997 undergraduate dissertation, and my 2004 PhD thesis, I (unintentionally) provided the story of the now ubiquitous ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ (KCCO) poster (read an extract here), whilst I was writing about two very early posters produced by the British Government in the Second World War – Your Courage, and Freedom is in Peril. At the same time, the government produced KCCO, with the intention of saving it for use when under Continue Reading →

Joining the ‘Posters Network’

Having moved to Manchester Metropolitan University, I have had a long overdue chance to catch up with Jim Aulich, who has written a number of books on (propaganda) posters. I had missed the ‘Posters Network’ being created, but am now in process of membership. It self-describes as: The Posters Network aims to make links between UK poster collections and posters specialists, and to share knowledge, news and expertise. In 2013 Arts Council England (ACE) awarded Continue Reading →

Anna Efstathiadou, ‘Female Images: Visual Representation of Women in Green and British Propaganda Posters During the Second World War’

I’m sure this thesis has been finished now… Efstathiadou, A., ‘Female Images: Visual Representation of Women in Greek and British Propaganda Posters During the Second World War’ PhD thesis registered, January, 2000. Cardiff University Anna’s research, a comparative study between Greece and UK, aims to examine the way women were represented in propaganda posters during the years 1939-1945. Aspects of history, society and politics consist the backbone of the study, moving on to specific issues Continue Reading →