Focusing for October

So, this year, pretty much everything that I’m doing is digital, so I’m starting to be a bit more strategic about what I’m doing, and allowing my projects to inform each other…. I’m really looking forward to reading @unmarketing’s book (see right), as I’ve never been a fan of marketing, it’s always been about the community, and community engagement… I’m expecting to see ideas for how to kick-start communities and the kind of tactics that Continue Reading →

Hungarian priest gets on skateboard to connect

Post first identified for Super Fun Days Out, a company for which I am the Social Media Strategist. I’ve been a bit distracted from it over the past few months, which doesn’t really work for social media, so yesterday I spent some time, getting a few things shipshape again for it. Meantime, the others on the team have done great amounts of work, developing great packages, signing up more companies, and starting to identify some Continue Reading →

Super Fun Days Out: Love Life… Live It!

Recently, I have been appointed as a partner, and the New Media Strategist for Super Fun Days Out, covering the blog (coming shortly), Twitter, and Bookmarking, starting with Delicious. Super Fun Days Out is a free online adrenaline-directory, covering more than 2,000 UK companies who provide adventure sports. Rather than taking commission, SFDO (#sfdo) provides links directly to the sports providers, thus making it more affordable for those who want to participate in adventure sports, Continue Reading →