We all hide in closets?

This has been going around Facebook over the last few days – “we all have closets” – and we don’t need to compete about whose closets are “hardest”, they are all just “hard” [and we don’t need to make it harder for each other?]

It would be easy to mock people for not understanding the “politically correct hoops that I’d brought with me”, point out where they fell short, a lot harder to meet them where they are and understand that they are trying.

“That is their story, not yours”

School Grounds & Outdoor Play with Mary Jackson (TEDx Talk)

As I sit looking at my garden, which some activity has happened with – inspired by Mary Jackson on her last visit (and more planned once my book is finished) – it seems an appropriate time to check out Mary’s recent TEDx Talk at the University of Southampton (she also spoke at Greenbelt 2012):

Last time I met with Mary she’d been helping teachers to teach scientific material using Angry Birds… even I would like to learn more science then! Connect with Mary Jackson on LinkedIn.

Great TEDX Talk from @dajbelshaw #DigiLit

I’m currently working on a Digital Literacies project, for which Doug is the manager… great to see such a good TEDX talk (and he’s also a fun person to chat to at conference dinners!):