Book Review: Higher Education in the Digital Age

This looks interesting, addressing a number of issues (MOOCs, etc) that are highly current, although the focus appears to be on maintaining elitism: What we call widening participation or access to higher education in the UK is not a central concern of this debate; rather it is about how higher Continue Reading →

University Social Media Untrustworthy?

Considering that many marketing departments in Universities are still influenced by those who found their feet in old media, am not too surprised by this… social media is all about relationships/building trust…: Prospective students are keen to engage with their university through social media channels, with one fifth of students Continue Reading →

Changing Models of Higher Education

A number of changes, including increasing numbers studying, implementation of private provision, students paying their own way, new regions driving global competition, and internationalisation are impacting the way that HE works: Private institutions, such as the 308,000-student University of Phoenix’s online campus, are taking a lead in creating “hybrid” models, Continue Reading →