[Book Review] Wikipedia U: Knowledge, Authority and Liberal Education in the Digital Age, by Thomas Leitch

This looks worth a read … had many discussions about the use of Wikipedia within academic life … and let’s face it, many of us use it as a first stop… but as I say to students,  it shouldn’t be the last stop: In this deceptively slender volume, Leitch gathers a fascinating set of narratives around the nature of authority in the academic world, based strongly on the liberal education approach of critical analysis and Continue Reading →

[BOOK REVIEW] Wikipedia and the Politics of Openness

Now, here’s an interesting looking book, and this first couple of paragraphs sums up a lot: The relationship between academics and Wikipedia is a complex one. At one level we love it: however much some of us may deny it, we all use it, at the very least as a route to other information, and often as a way to start to get an idea about something new. At another level we hate it, knowing Continue Reading →

Wikipedia of Value in Teaching?

Interesting insights into how Wikipedia can be used for teaching: The opportunities and challenges of integrating Wikipedia into higher education formed a central strand of the tenth annual Wikimania conference, which heard how academics and students are using and improving the collaboratively edited online resource. The conference, held at London’s Barbican Centre last week and kicked off by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, heard from Shani Evenstein, who works at the Sackler School of Medicine at Continue Reading →

Peer-Reviewed Wikipedia?

So, can lecturers now stop saying “don’t use Wikipedia” … my motto has always been – fine to start there, really don’t want you to end there, but am even I going to have to rethink? “Social and technological advances have brought about significant changes in methods of publication, particularly via a shift to electronic or online media,” she writes. “The openaccess publishing model is predicated upon that shift. “In the past decade there has Continue Reading →

Universities Seeking to Tweak Wikipedia

The power of Wikipedia … often the first source that comes up in search … causing university PR departments to seek to tweak their pieces: University press officers have been deleting negative information and finessing critical passages on their institutions’ Wikipedia pages, breaking the online encyclopedia’s guidelines in the process. The revelations fuel debate over how far universities should go in burnishing their image in an era of higher tuition fees and greater competition for Continue Reading →

Bridging the gap between academia and Wikipedia

Press Release from JISC:  Jisc and Wikimedia UK are collaborating on a project to bring the academic world and Wikipedia closer together. This will create opportunities for researchers, educators, and the general public to contribute to the world’s freely available knowledge. Jisc, the UK education charity championing the use of digital technology in education and research, is supporting this initiative so that the widest possible audience will benefit from the world-leading projects that it supports. These include open Continue Reading →

Is Wikipedia dangerous for academia?

An event I would have loved to have been at: Is Wikipedia the scourge of the academic world? Written and edited by thousands of volunteers with no qualifying credentials, the vast reference site is filled with inaccuracies, encourages plagiarism and debases traditional research skills, its critics claim. However, others are calling on the academy to embrace the site, saying it can spark scholarly debate, improve teaching and advance knowledge across the world. About 60 academics Continue Reading →

Wikipedia Entry: Keep Calm and Carry On

Who knows who edits these different Wikipedia entries. I have tried a few times to add information to this site, but I think partly because so many companies are trying to sell it, they are being super-strict. However, I am the global expert on the subject, so here’s hoping they think I have something to say. If not, you can read it here! Second World War Posters Mass Communications Academic, @MMUBS. British Home Front Propaganda Continue Reading →