Health Promotion in Historical Context

Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, UEA, 27th - 28th April 2001 Presentations Included: 'Statistical Images of Diseases in Health Exhibitions in Britain in the 1930s' '"No One Receiving?' The Audience for Health Education Films, 1919-48' 'Health Promotion and the Transformation of Chronic Diseases after the Second World War (1945-1955)' 'The Cycle of Conflict, the Historic Development of the Public Health and Health Promotion Movements'

Beyond the Museum: Working with Collections in the Digital Age

Humanities Computing Unit, University of Oxford: 20th April 2001 "Is the new digital age the answer to the prayers of museums, archives, and libraries? Does it free up collections allowing unprecedented access facilities for scholars and the public? Or is it all built on a house of cards? Do the new technologies really offer us anything, and are they sidetracking the holders of the nation's heritage into areas that really have unproven benefits? Is funding…