dixonPatrick Dixon was one of the keynote speakers at the Churches Media Council conference in 2007, at which I had a training place. Dixon is a futurologist – predicting forthcoming trends and advising businesses on their strategy/working practices based on this. Quite a move from his original medical background where he specialised in AIDS/cancer … but it won’t surprise you to know that he has an ethical stance on working practice.

I’m fascinated by seeing Christians at work in the ‘real world’ – and this guy, said to be one of the 50 most influential businessmen in the UK is an inspiration – keen to get his ideas out he gives many away for free (this is how it will be in the future, he said, why fight it?), took time out to speak to all us Academy trainees at the conference, and expounds ethical, work-life balance, business ideas which work in the real business world. A great book which belies the feeling of some that being a Christian and making money in business can’t go together. I disappeared in a different direction before I had time to read it, but there’s definitely more in it for me!!

This book is a guide to management, marketing and motivation, covering issues ranging from team leadership and change management to corporate governance, branding and marketing. Some of the points it covers:

Prepared for use as an Oak Hall Leader.

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