I have an interview with the Church Army on Wednesday, first pointed in the way of the post by Graham Nunn, who’s been a great encouragement, and great fun to talk to!! He spoke on an Oak Hall reunion I was leading, and had everyone laughing and thinking about what he was saying… we’re all big kids really so his work with kids as ‘an idiot for God’ is appropriate to us all! I first heard of Church Army a long time ago when I worked with Val Thom when I lived in Brazil in 1994, and then was alerted to their new website via the Bible Society newsletter, since when I’d been keeping an eye on it. Last night went to St Michael and All Angels in Andover to see if I could meet Jade Watson, her husband Peter (who’s having his video done in January) or Chris Lawton, all of whom work for the Church Army. I met Peter and the vicar Chris, and had a bit of a chat, but mostly watched the two of them at work, engaging with the kids, and encouraging them to take part in Slum Survivor.

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