What a weekend!
Brilliant, this afternoon I became a certified life-coach, with one of the few ICF accredited courses in the UK, with the company Serenergise. It’s been a very enlightening course, with support offered at every turn in order to help us achieve our own success! The formal assessment was this afternoon, but continuous assessment has been on-going!

We all passed, with Deborah Kerslake energetically proclaiming that she was proud to send us out as Serenergise trained coaches, and as a part of the certificate presentation, we were all asked to offer each of our co-coachees an indication of what we thought their strengths/gifts were, as observed throughout the course (which lasted over 3 weekends over 3 months).

Bex’s Strengths

Feel free to add further positive feedback if you know me (as one of my coachees did)! Meantime, I am about to check the train times for my life-coaching session with Debs on Tuesday, and then going to relax (maybe ensuring what I know the week ahead holds!)! Ya-hoooooo!

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  1. Congratulations! My top five strengths for you are:1. Understanding2. Kind3. Caring4. Funny5. Great listenerSee you in uni soon!

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