I’m currently trying to write my abstract for the “Framing Film” conference at the University of Winchester, and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours this afternoon watching “The Warden Says” introduced by Bill Pertwee (on VHS, how old school.. and now I see they are available on DVD!)… thank goodness such little gems have survived!

I know far more about the posters themselves, but there are a few good examples to use for the abstracts from the 48 mini-films (many only a minute or two, to one mini-film at around 20 minutes!), covering recruitment, careless talk, the blackout, cigarette dangers, careless sneezes cost diseases, food choices, dig for victory, salvage (tin/bones/paper), holiday harvests, save fuel and save water! Many echo the messages used in the posters, whilst others actually feature the posters themselves. That should fit well with the ‘call for papers’ on “Cinema’s relationship with, and even reliance upon, the other visual arts, whether for subject matter, inter-textual promotion or graphic design, is central to our understanding and appreciation of the medium.”

DVD 1: The Warden Says
DVD 2: The Warden Says: II

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