As I’m working my way through “What Would Google Do?“, and spotting those reuses of other posters… discussing with others how the BNP have taken on board the Keep Calm and Carry On message… I received a copy of this blog entry by the Unfinished Christian (aren’t we all?!), extract:

“The poster has been condemned by various church groups and in West Yorkshire the Ecumenical Council has mounted a counter campaign with the slogan- “Use your cross- Vote for hope in Yorkshire” to mobilise voters to keep out the BNP saying; ” The Christian vision of society is one where each person is treated with dignity and respect, whatever their face or religion. It is a vision of hope.” Christ’s message was indeed one of hope, love, inclusion and justice.  Jesus suggested that loving God and our neighbours as ourselves was central to his outlook on how we should live our lives if we were serious about bringing in his kingdom, so let’s check these things out in the BNP manifesto for the Euro elections.”

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